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We are committed to democratizing access to architecture, art, and culture.

At Gallery, we are committed to democratizing access to architecture, art, and culture, while preserving the legacy of professionals in these fields. Our productions not only educate but also inspire positive action by addressing crucial issues such as sustainability and social responsibility. We believe we offer a unique platform for brands to demonstrate their commitment to these values, highlighting how they are contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive world. In an increasingly conscious world, Gallery positions itself as a catalyst for positive change, uniting the global community towards a better future.


+ 350.000 subscribers in 58 countries

We use our dynamic and influential streaming platform, aimed at a community of experts. Our productions enable a direct and effective dialogue with highly skilled and passionate professionals.

Gallery is bringing to the world the role of architecture, art, and culture through our series and documentaries that can be watched for free, while preserving the legacy of the most important professionals in the world, through cinema, technology, and innovation. We address a wide range of relevant topics, including sustainability, social responsibility, new technologies, and products, with the aim of promoting awareness and inspiring positive actions in our society.


We believe in a worldview where art, culture, and creativity play a fundamental role in the transformation and progress of society

We are transforming communication in this sector by providing an innovative platform that brings together professionals, enthusiasts, and brands in a collaborative and inspiring environment.

Imagine a specialized media platform where top architects, interior designers, and industry professionals come together to inspire, learn, and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations. That's the vision of our platform, where we offer exclusive content that delves deep into the world of architecture, art, and culture. Our highly engaged audience seeks not only information but a profound understanding of how the industry is evolving and how they can position themselves for the future. By investing in our platform, you'll be supporting a community of leaders and influencers who actively shape the global landscape of architecture and design, while promoting a culture of continuous learning and discovery.

Through our exclusive content and direct interaction with our audience, we are promoting an open and dynamic dialogue that drives the exchange of ideas, continuous learning, and the dissemination of relevant information.

The Collection is a creative platform that can transform the world through its ability to inspire, educate, and engage people from all backgrounds. With a vast collection of series and documentaries on architecture, design, art, and culture, offers a unique experience of unlimited exploration. By highlighting the diversity of perspectives and addressing relevant issues of contemporary society, such as sustainability and social inclusion, the platform catalyzes meaningful conversations and inspires concrete actions to create a better world. Additionally, by showcasing visionary projects and innovative techniques, The Collection drives creativity and innovation in all aspects of life. With free and universal access, the platform makes inspiration accessible to everyone, promoting personal and collective development.

Building a database accessible to art institutions, museums, foundations and universities

We are building an exclusive collection, a carefully curated digital library that will be accessible to institutions, foundations, museums, and universities worldwide. This library will be a valuable source of knowledge, covering a wide range of topics related to architecture, art, and culture. With access to a variety of original documentaries and series, these institutions will have the opportunity to enrich their educational programs, academic research, and cultural exhibitions. Our goal is to share and preserve the legacy of architecture and design for future generations, promoting continuous learning and inspiring creativity worldwide.


Exclusive Pre-launch Experience

Events in iconic locations around the world

Our premieres offer a unique opportunity for attendees to be among the first to discover the latest releases, while engaging directly with the creators and experts behind the works. This immersive experience allows them to delve deeply into the world of architecture, art, and culture, providing a unique and engaging experience.

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